Dr. Laura Pipher
Treating Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - A Naturopathic PerspectiveJuvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) can be a painful condition for children and parents alike, as they juggle the everyday struggle while hoping for answers from the medical community. JIA is the most common childhood rheumatic illness, and is defined as a group of chronic arthritic diseases which normally occur in children under the age of 16.
Katie Thomson Aitken
Anxiety and Insomnia - Breaking the Sleep/Anxiety CycleAnxiety is extremely common; in fact, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reports that anxiety disorders are the most common class of mental disorders. Aside from the anxiety, 60–70% of people with anxiety also report that they have trouble sleeping
Dr. Anne Hussain
Postpartum Depression - A Naturopathic ApproachThe main difference between postpartum blues and depression lies in the severity and duration of symptoms. These symptoms can include sadness, crying, anxiety, losing interest in things that were previously enjoyable, a lack of desire to be with their newborn, and more. In the blues, these symptoms are present in a mild fashion and have a minimal impact on function.
Dr. Krysten DeSouza
Female Hormones - Why They Become ImbalancedThey make us feel happy, they help us to sleep, they swing our moods in every direction, and they keep our metabolism revving. They have the potential to wreak havoc in our lives, but we just can’t live without them. No, this article isn’t about your spouse—it’s all about hormones!
Odette Bulaong
Fighting Cold and Flu Season Naturally - Back to Basics! You may have felt it already: the runny nose, the sore throat, that embarrassing cough. Or perhaps you’ve taken the day off work because you’ve spiked a fever, felt achy all over, and are so tired you don’t want to get out of bed. Cold and flu season is in full swing.