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Editor’s letter

January 2019 Editor’s Letter

Happy New Year to our authors & readers! Although we have many “new starts” throughout the year, January 1st is an obvious time to take store of the year that was, and set about the upcoming year with a healthy combination of optimism and realism. It is also a time to harness our enthusiasm to help us make changes we know we need to do. At Naturopathic Currents, we seek to help support you in sustaining healthful change.

This month, Dr. George Cho ND appropriately starts us off by discussing lifestyle change and its role in medicine & healing. It is estimated that up to two thirds of disease is attributable to lifestyle factors. How’s that for motivation?

Dr. Duncan Heard ND discusses heart disease and lifestyle factors that contribute. Dr. Heard discusses the cholesterol controversy, following its historical progression.

Dr. Anne Hussain ND examines the role of hormones in healthy looking skin. Hormones are a complex web, but Dr. Hussain breaks down the roles of thyroid hormones, sex hormones, stress hormones, and more. She discusses dietary, supplemental, and hygienic strategies to help balance hormones.

Dr. Krysten DeSouza ND writes about the treatment and prevention of diverticular disease. Although a common condition, there are limited pharmaceutical options. Dr. DeSouza describes dietary strategies that can help.

Finally, Dr. Amanda Ng ND discusses types of arthritis, including inflammatory or autoimmune arthritis, as well as degenerative or “osteo-“ arthritis. Dr. Ng reviews commonly utilized naturopathic strategies including acupuncture and anti-inflammatory supplements.

Happy reading!

In health,
Heidi Fritz, MA, ND
Editor-in-Chief, Naturopathic Currents