This study aimed to evaluate the effects of psychological intervention and psychological plus drug intervention on smoking cessation among male smokers with single chronic diseases (1). A total of 509 male smokers were divided into psychological group and psychological plus drugs groups according to their will. The physicians provided free individual counseling and follow-up interviews with brief counseling for all the subjects.
Dance has been shown to be beneficial for the health of older adults. Robots can facilitate healthy aging by engaging older adults in partner dance-based exercise (1). The authors conducted a study with 16 healthy older adults to investigate their acceptance of robots for partner dance-based exercise. Participants successfully led a human-scale wheeled robot with arms.
This study was designed to evaluate the effect of care intervention on body weight and glycemic parameters in obese type 2 diabetic patients (1). Patients in control group received conventional care, while patients in the intervention group received dietary, exercise, and psychology interventions on the basis of conventional care. Twelve months follow-up was performed to compare the changes of body weight and glycemic parameters in the 2 groups.
Patients with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps have been shown to be vitamin D deficient, which is associated with worse disease and increased polyp size (1). This study looked at the impact of vitamin D deficiency on this association. Airway function, sinonasal immune cell infiltrate and sinonasal VD3 metabolism profiles were then examined.
This meta-analysis reviewed the results of various studies that researched folate intake and risk of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (1) . Searches were conducted on various medical databases. 9 studies were included in the meta-analysis. The results showed that the pooled odds ratio for assessing the risk of cancer and folate intake in the highest level versus lowest level was 0.505.
This study looked at acupuncture, alone or in combination with pharmacotherapy, to patients presenting to emergency departments with acute low back pain, migraine, or ankle sprain (1) . A pragmatic, multicentre, randomised, assessor-blinded, equivalence and non-inferiority trial of analgesia was conducted. The primary outcome measures were pain at one hour, using a validated scale.
Resveratrol, a phytoestrogen, can improve cognitive function in postmenopausal women by enhancing cerebral vasodilator responsiveness (1) . In this study, the authors examine the effects of supplementation on cognition and compare resveratrol to other phytoestrogens. Databases were searched and randomized controlled trials were included in an analysis. Six soy isoflavone studies showed positive cognitive effects of medium size.
Studies have shown antioxidant properties of Selenium. More focus is being placed on the association between Selenium exposure and risk of metabolic disease, including cholesterol levels (1) . This study looked at toenail Selenium levels and dyslipidemia or lipid levels and to examine the effect of dietary supplement use. This was done in Korean adults.
The acupuncture point CV12 (Zhongwan) was needled in this study and the impact on blood sugar was evaluated (1) . Placebo was also used by needling in a separate location. The needle was retained for 30 minutes. The results showed a significant reduction in random blood glucose levels in the acupuncture group compared to baseline. No such change was observed in the placebo group.
Vitamin C is antioxidative and can modify the actions of genes. Blueberry was studied to see if it possibly worked in a similar way (1) . In this study, the participants consumed vitamin C or blueberry juice. Lab tests were conducted to look at urine and specific DNA sites. The results showed that urinary levels of 8-OHdG were reduced by blueberry rather than by vitamin C. The methylation of MTHFR was decreased in blueberry consumers.