Melissa J Cornish
The Problem with Pesticides- Further Explained Due to the worldwide prevalence of farm workers dying or becoming ill, thus unable to work and support their family, the scientific community has begun taking a closer look at what is causing the disease and illnesses affecting them. All along, the pesticide manufacturers have been doing their own testing, but independent laboratories started doing tests to find out just how toxic these chemicals really are.
Heidi Fritz
Acute and Chronic Hives - Naturopathic ApproachesHives happen when there is a skin reaction that causes red or white itchy welts. They might vary in size and come and go depending on how the reaction progresses. They are often circular or oval in shape. Urticaria is the medical term for hives and if hives happen chronically, then it’s often referred to as chronic urticaria.
Chris Habib
Substance Abuse Treatment OptionsOne in five people over the age of 65 have had a substance or alcohol abuse problem at some point. It is one of the most common health conditions and one of the conditions that takes one of the largest financial tolls on society.
Christina Bjorndal
Spring Cleaning Never Too LateAs the temperatures start to warm up and the snow begins to disappear, and as the hours of daylight extend, that feeling of spring starts to arise. The return of spring often brings a sense of new beginnings, new growth, or a fresh start.
Liam LaTouche
Finally, Some Shut Eye - Naturopathic Treatments for Insomnia and Sleep DisturbanceMost people, at some point or another, have experienced poor sleep; feeling too warm, tossing and turning before a big event, thoughts buzzing through the mind after an argument with a loved one, or maybe restless legs.