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gout Phosphatidylcholine is an intriguing nutrient with a little-known but impressive range of functions in human health. Phosphatidylcholine is an essential phospholipid and serves as an important component of the cell membrane lipid bilayer as well as being an important source of choline, representing about 95% of choline tissue stores.
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gout While becoming pregnant is wonderful news, especially for couples who have faced fertility challenges, it is only the beginning of the journey. Unfortunately not all pregnancies are 40 weeks of smooth sailing. Some women are faced with more serious concerns such as vaginal bleeding (and therefore presumed threatened miscarriages) giving rise to much stress and anxiety, while others suffer from severe nausea/vomiting.
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gout High blood pressure, medically known as hypertension, is a well-recognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease, including stroke, angina, and heart attack, as well as other complications such as kidney disease and eye disease. It is important to control high blood pressure from the outset in order to reduce your long-term risk for these diseases.
Heidi Fritz

Coconut oil Autumn is a beautiful time of year, filled with excitement (or trepidation) for students and teachers alike. For most, fall also marks the end of vacation or summer hours, and the onset of a more rigorous work schedule. The combination of these various stressors, in addition to cooler weather fluctuations, also makes for the beginning of the dreaded cold-and-flu season. First, a child comes home with a sniffle, or a colleague down the hall has a dry cough
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Coconut oil From weight loss to memory to cholesterol regulation to everyday skincare, coconut oil has created quite the buzz in recent years about its effectiveness to address many common concerns. This may be surprising to some as Coconut oil was historically labelled as unhealthy, saturated oil, especially with respect to ischemic heart disease. While coconut oil is saturated, it is actually a very versatile, plant-based, health-promoting oil.