There’s little doubt that your family physician strongly believes in “preconception health care” – that’s the care and counseling designed to help you and your partner become as healthy as you can be prior to conceiving your children.
You may have witnessed it either on tv or in reality; an emotionally labile woman, frantically scrounging for a tub of ice-cream or chocolate, snapping at any provoking comment regarding her behaviour around “that time of the month”.
Parasites - Their Biological Effects Parasites by definition cannot live independently. They are dependent on a host for survival, which means it will gain strength and multiply and the expense of the host. This rarely becomes a fatal relationship, but is possible.
5 Scientific Reasons to Drink Lemon Water - Health with hydration Lemon is part of the citrus family. Its Latin name is Citrus limon. Lemon juice contain citrus flavonoids including hesperedin, hesperetin, naringin, naringenin, as well as bioactive components such as citric acid, polyphenol, and ascorbic acid
Bulimia - Steps in Recovery and A Naturopathic Approach For many, eating disorders start subtly - with a side comment regarding their weight made by a peer or by observing a parent struggle with their body image - whatever it is, it doesn’t take long before they have become completely lost in it.