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Patient Throughput for Naturopathic Doctors

In this study, the authors evaluated which factors predicated a high patient throughput to add more evidence to the body of naturopathic evidence (1). It was a cross-sectional study sampling 1096 practitioners in Germany. Besides, sociodemographic data and practice characteristics topics like job satisfaction and feeling for the job were evaluated. This was supplemented with an evaluation of patient traits which were perceived as challenging. The results showed that the naturopathic practitioners were very satisfied with their job. Naturopathic practitioners described that 40% of their patients are challenging. The highest rate was for "aggressive patients." A high patient throughput was predicted with a higher satisfaction rate with the "opportunity to use abilities" and more direct contact with the patient. The authors conclude that therapeutic freedom and time with patients are important factors which are accountable for a high patient throughput.


(1) Goetz K, et al. The Phenomena of Naturopathic Practitioner: Predictors of a High Patient Throughput. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2017;2017:9758326.